3 Simple ways to improve indoor air quality.

The health effects of the air pollution imperil human lives. A well-documented fact.

Eddie Bernice Johnson

A Recent survey showed the huge contribution to air pollution from countries like India, China, USA and few other industrialized countries.

Moreover, the main known cause of air pollution is the excess levels of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, Ozone and the most dangerous known is called PM 2.5.

Thus, plants, animals, humans, air, water, soil gets contaminated by overexposure to chemicals, rarely found chemicals or not found in very high volumes in our environment.

Quality of our life can be best determined by the quality of the air we breathe in.

First of all, make your Living environment safe with these 3 simple steps to improve indoor air quality.

  1. Keep your floors fresh.


By the passage of time dust and harmful chemicals settle firmly on the floor if, not vacuumed properly and regularly. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner with strong suction and good rotating brushes.

Furthermore, don’t forget to vacuum the walls, carpets edges, anywhere and everywhere the dust may accumulate.

Never compromise on the quality of the air you breathe in. Use an air purifier for best results.

  1. Keep indoors dry.

architecture-dry-indoor--air-pollution-air purifier
dry-indoor–air-pollution-air purifier

Dust mites and bacteria love moisture. A dehumidifier keeps indoors dry in the summers and effectively control any unwanted growth.


  • Fix any issues of leaking pipe, no more water spills.
  • Most of all, use an exhaust to throw out any warm air.
  1. No smoking zone inside:


Second-hand smoke or passive smoke have a more significant contribution to the indoor air pollution. It harms your family and most of all any kids in the house.

Furthermore, cigarette smoking increases child’s risk of developing fatal infections. Asthma, cancers, may result in sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS).  Hence, it is better to stop smoking “Inside-Out”

Moreover, air may get polluted when it gets mixed with:

  • Volatile organic compounds.
  • Sulfur oxide, carbon monoxide.
  • Carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide.
  • Most of all, with Ultra-small particles and
  • Also mixed with led, cadmium, copper, and mercury.

In order to minimize air pollution you should:

  • Burn fewer fossil fuels i.e. use less petrol and diesel.
  • Burn less coal and start using clean and green energy. example solar energy powered machines.
  • Thus, use indoor air purifiers,
  • Furthermore, you should reduce the consumption of electricity.  So that less thermal plants may be operated for its generation.

Hence, you should remember every drop of Burnt fuel contributes to the environmental air pollution. And furthermore, air pollution directly links to global climate change.

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