Can depression trigger hair loss? | Trying to fight major mental Disorder.

baby-sad-major authentic mental acupressure postpartum depression schizoaffective disorder borderline depression-hairloss-anxiety-gifted kids depression-therapy

The answer is yes. To know the exact reason let’s dig into it.

First, let us understand what is depression? and how it is capable of hair loss?

It is simply a mood disorder resulting in loss of interest in almost everything.

An illness due to improper functions of neurons in the brain. Also, It negatively affects your every thought and action.

Thus, the sure shot Idea we get here is that a depression is an illness in the “brain” and brain consists of “thoughts”. Here we get a little clue that how to cure depression with thoughts and prevent hair loss.

Depression- brain- thoughts- hair fall.

The other related term is anxiety– it is a very common term used to describe the feeling of nervousness, extreme fear or worry. Depression and anxiety are interlinked. Both are having chicken and egg relationship. i.e

“Some people suffer depression and develop anxiety and others suffer anxiety and develop depression” Often, the same medication is prescribed to cure both these ailments.

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How is depression linked with thoughts? let’s understand.

Depression can be the result of extreme sadness such as:

baby-sad-major authentic mental acupressure postpartum depression schizoaffective disorder borderline depression-hairloss-anxiety-gifted kids depression-therapy
  • divorce,
  • loss of life,
  • loss of job,
  • after retirement and more.

Hope you get my point here.

After this has happened, you will continuously banter your mind with repeated and extreme sad thoughts.

Sadness and depression are related with:

  • low dopamine levels,
  • low serotonin levels,
  • furthermore, a little more adrenaline levels.

This means that you are depressed and sad.

As you undergo sad thoughts the hormone levels are affected accordingly and continuous repetition of very sad thoughts will make you even sadder and depressed, by affecting hormonal secretion.

  • These thoughts will produce:
  • Intense  unwanted mood swings,
  • moreover, increased mental fatigue,
  • lack of sleep and energy,
  • loss of hope and happiness,
  • most of all, thoughts of suicide.

It produces a snowball effect of negative thoughts,

baby-sad-major authentic mental acupressure postpartum depression schizoaffective disorder borderline depression-hairloss-anxiety-gifted kids depression-therapy
  • life becomes more miserable,
  • the body will feel lifeless and all energy will seem to be lost.
  • therefore, the brain will be filled with pain and extreme sadness.


Please tell me every possible reason for my hair loss.

The scientific reasons are:

  • too much vitamin A,
  • lack of protein,
  • increased stress,
  • heredity  baldness,
  • hormonal imbalance due to emotional stress,
  • furthermore,  anaemia (iron deficiency),
  • hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland= to less metabolism in the body),
  • vitamin B deficiency,
  • Lupus disease (increased hair fall),
  • moreover, sudden weight loss,
  • chemotherapy leads to hair loss,
  • PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)
  • use of antidepressants, sleeping pills and much more.
  • vigorous hair treatments like hair colour,
  • Trichotillomania (diseases that force people to pull their hair out)
  • Ageing,
  • most of all, anabolic steroids.

so here it’s understood that there is no one single reason for hair loss but it is also based on lifestyle and daily routine habits.

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Are my thoughts the reason for my hair loss?

Thoughts are fuel for the brain.

Thoughts can be productive and destructive as well. Productive thoughts will cheer up your mood, make you more healthy and productive but here hair loss is related to destructive thoughts.

These are depressing thoughts which produce extreme emotions of nervousness and worry.

As discussed earlier, it will disrupt the normal hormonal secretions and prepare our body for the depressing stage. This will result in:

  • change of lifestyle,
  • unhealthy eating habits,
  • increased alcohol consumption,
  • intense smoking,
  • most of all, less sleep (less body recovery)

which further decreases metabolism and the body will fail to produce the required nutrients which would have to increase the hair growth. In this way, we can say that thought related to hair loss.

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How can depression Trigger my hair loss? A serious situation.

Depression is related to the illness of the “brain” when the neurons fail to work properly.

Thoughts will bring about hormonal change and set the body to “distress mode”.

Now thoughts will lead to action and this will result in:

baby-sad-major authentic mental acupressure postpartum depression schizoaffective disorder borderline depression-hairloss-anxiety-gifted kids depression-therapy
  • intense low mood,
  • lower self-esteem,
  • loss of appetite,
  • furthermore, unhealthy lifestyle,
  • extreme mental stress,
  • most of all, lower sleep (less body recovery),

which will ultimately disrupt the metabolism and the body will absorb fewer nutrients from the food, resulting in fast hair loss.

If you are already in a depression, you must be taking antidepressants. Furthermore, some antidepressants like Prozac have side effects which lead to hair loss


How can I permanently stop my hair fall? Please tell me all the possible ways, I am ready to follow them all.

Dear, once triggered, stopping hair fall will take time and effort.

You will need to follow the mentioned steps:

  • change your thoughts,
  • take a professional advice or follow a healthy routine,
  • repeat and listen to motivational songs,
  • play games,
  • do an extensive workout, exercise, yoga, meditation,
  • do anything to release happy hormones in your body.


Some home remedies to fight hair loss are:

  • massage your hair scalp with essential oils example olive oil almond oil etc,
  • use egg pack on head,
  • apply henna on the head,
  • massage with green tea,
  • try crushed fenugreek (methi) seeds on the scalp,
  • go for an avocado hair mask,
  • eat more proteins,
  • drink less alcohol,
  • moreover, quit smoking,
  • wash your head more often and
  • keep your scalp clean.
  • also reduce stress levels, for that you can do yoga and meditation,
  • avoid low quality hair wigs and
  • most of all, take vitamins such as Omega 3, vitamin B, C, D, and e rich superfoods.


Go for a diet change eat healthy superfoods to keep your mood high,

  • never skip a meal,
  • you must not feel low on glucose levels,
  • beware of Acid Reflux is inside your body. It will make depression more intense. regularly monitor your blood pressure and glucose levels,
  • keep your body energetic and full of life,
  • exercise more often,
  • find the courage and learn to manage stress, anxiety and depression.
  • most of all, you can go for professional help.

If you are already experiencing depression due to hair fall you can go for a hair transplant with a professional advice. Furthermore, this will help you boost up your self-esteem and raise encouragement levels in the body.


Is there any permanent cure for my depression and hair fall?

Yes, for depression there is a permanent cure.

For hair fall, you can slow the process but if it is hereditary then it is very much possible that you may recede the hairline in the same way as it runs in your family.

Dear, there is no need to worry, no need to feel stressed.

You must feel beautiful/handsome in your own eyes, at every stage of your life because everything happens with a pinpoint perfection.

Others may say bad things about you but you must never speak bad things about yourself.

Do not value yourself according to others,

be a creator of your own destiny and live a life of gratitude.

Protect your thoughts,

help yourself and even much more.

These all remedies which I have mentioned will help you control your hair fall and most of all, make your life healthier, richer and more passionate.

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