Cannibalism: Eating Human flesh for any reason can be deadly.

zombie eating human flesh deadly

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”

There is a lot of lore confirming the consumption of human flesh among potent groups. Cannibalism is glorified as a symbol for more power and savored as a very desperate cuisine. Hannibal Lecter’s penchant for human lives and fava beans made him a very popular horror villain of all times.

The continued popularity of “The Walking Dead” tv series thus confirms that the Zombie fetishes refuse to die among us.

All this being said, the real horror of cannibalism is that it is simply unsafe. Eating human flesh thus gives us the disease which is incurable and ultimately results in painful death. This disease is called “Kuru”, meaning shivering and trembling.

Once the virus enters inside the victim it results in a very Swift demise| after an intense depression illness.


  • First, the victim will have trouble walking and feel like losing control over their limbs. People suffering also lost control over all their emotions and so named it as “laughing death” i.s maniac phase.
  • Within months they couldn’t get up from the floor or feed themselves and lost control over there bodily functions

Kuru is a slow virus and it is transmitted through the consumption of human flesh, even if it is well cooked. Furthermore, this disease mostly affects children less than 8 years of age.  see healthy superfoods.

It started a long ago in villages as, when a person died they would be cooked and consumed. It was considered an act of love and grief by the loved ones. People believed that if the body was the buried, it would be eaten by the worms and if it was placed on a platform, it would be eaten by maggots. Therefore, they decided that body should be eaten by the loved ones instead of worms and insects.

Later scientists found out the cause was the “Kuru” disease. It wasn’t a virus or bacteria or a parasite or fungus. It was a new infectious agent that had no genetic material and could survive even after being boiled.

Why Kuru is so deadly:

  • This disease has no cure till now and so is declared lethal.
  • Its incubation period is from few years to about 60 years.
  • Kuru damages the brain, which is this controller of all the body functions.
  • Eats up brains and at the end leaves it cratered and spongy.
  • Once incubated, results in the confirmed and Swift demise of the individual.

Moreover, eating flesh can :

  • Result in may type of cancers such as esophagus cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer etc. (Read: eating meat can be fatal.)
  • Push you into a major mental depression, Bipolar or Postpartum and the even cognitive behavioral therapy me be futile.
  • Flesh and meat contain animal proteins and the human body is not manufactured to digest them. So ultimately, a time comes when body malfunctions and eating meat results in demise.
  • With meat, we can intake many other virus and bacteria which can be lethal and deadly. Eg. The wild pork we eat can result in the tapeworm incubation. Tapeworm is a parasite flatworm, well known for causing a painful death.
  • Killing animals releases EPW (Einstein Pain Waves), which results in the destruction of our Ozone Layer. We should stop it, right?

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As the world is changing, many parasites and diseases are migrating our society.  So, it is humbly advised by the doctors to always go for vegetarian food.  As we all know:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.- Hippocrates”

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