Is it healthy to keep dogs and kids together? Affectionate dog owners at risk |major depression symptoms| a case study

girl-dogs and kids together

Upbringing dogs and kids, together in a family is a great learning source for kids, teaching them respect and responsibility. Together dogs and cats make a great team.

“Dogs do Speak, but only to those who know how to listen”

Living with a dog, the child understands true friendship and its special bond of love. They help to overcome any major mental depression running in the family. Dogs are constant companions and provide a great source of comfort in a stressful depressive childhood.

Studies have found out that babies that grow up with pet dogs fall sick less often. It was found that pet owner kids attended school for 15 days more when compared to the non-pet owners, annually.

boy-dogs and kids
boy-dogs and kids


When a dog licks an infant, the child’s immune system behaves in a different way and develops immunity for most of the common harmful bacteria at a very young stage. So when the bacteria attacks, the child never falls sick, as the immunity is already present inside his body. Therefore, common cold and flu just stay away in a dogs and kids relationship.

A journal named “Pediatrics” says that babies growing up with pets dogs or cats are less likely to fall sick.

Research has linked the presence of pets with a lower risk of allergy in kids.

Moreover, recent studies also found that dust in homes from dogs, lower the risk of child Asthma.

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It is found  that living with the family pet has:

  • Lower respiratory tract infections,
  • The lesser probability of ear infection,
  • Need fewer dosages of antibiotics and
  • Have lesser chances of developing allergies later.
dog-babysitting-dogs and kids together
dog-babysitting-dogs and kids together

These are few benefits of dogs and kids together.

So keeping pets in the house is very beneficial for the family, is it?

Are the short-term visible benefits of hiding any bigger risk?

Moreover, dogs and kids relationships, if left unsupervised, can be a great disaster.

Therefore, choosing the right dog for the young baby is very important. Studies reveal that most problems in dogs and babies relationship arise with children involving less than 6 years of age. Some families have to pay the price of making a wrong decision. Then they realize that the price for overcoming an anxiety disorder or depression was much much more, lets see how?

6-week old girl dies after being mauled by a family dog”.

August 21, 2017: Houston police have identified an 8-week old baby boy mauled to death by a family dog over the weekend.

September 20, 2017: Mount Vernon, Ohio- a baby was found dead in his bassinet after his head was punctured by two Pit bulls of the family.

A family member had left the baby unattended for a few minutes and returned to find her head inside the dog’s mouth.

The basic instinct of a dog is that of a beast. You cant run a mental health test on a dog neither you can carry out acupuncture treatment for anxiety! the only thing you can do is train the dog properly.

Most of the fatalities occurred when the Infant was left alone with the dog.

Furthermore, the turn of events makes it very important, never to leave your baby with the dog, unsupervised.

These incidents often lead to a major mental depression and the owner ” self-punishes” due to the guilt of the wrong decision made.  Instead, s/he should go for a cognitive behavioral therapy in order to overcome the guilt depression , also a case of seasonal depression.

So, what is the best dog pets for kids, which dog breed could perform such a heinous deed?  Most popular that comes to our mind is large dogs such as:

  • Pit bulls.
  • Rottweiler,
  • Great Dane etc.

But one of the above-mentioned crime was committed by a small sized dog breed named Pomeranian. Other little dogs such as dachshunds, westies etc are partners in crime.

Even labradors and Golden retrievers are on the ill-fated list in the best dog pet for kids.

Apart from above-mentioned fatalities, there may arise serious health problems due to disease dog carry. Pets carry harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and some parasites, which can cause severe illness.

Most affected are infants and kids less than 6 years of age.

Their immune system is still in a developing stage, which is unable to develop antibodies for a virus from the dog. As a result, the Infant may become very sick which sometimes can be fatal.

Dogs Express their Love by licking the mouth or face. It may seem very cute and affectionate, but it is a trait` developed for their own kind and not for humans.

[see: Never let your dog lick your face]

Licking the face can cause serious infections such as:

  • Gingivitis: related to irritation, redness, and swelling of gums.
  • Periodontal diseases: are painful infections of the structures around the teeth, which include the gums, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone
  • Ringworm disease.
  • Staphylococcus Aureus- Severe and painful lips infection
  • Porphyromonas gulae- cause inflamed gums and even tooth loss. It is a very common problem and 16% owners, worldwide, surely have it, studies reveal.
  • Toxocariasis: Disease caused by parasitic roundworms living in the stomach of dogs and cats.A dog bite can cause painful infection.Salmonella: disease causes nausea that can affect small intestine. It spreads from dry pet food. Small children are advised to stay away from it.Pesticides and insecticides can seriously poison the Infant, which he may consume
  • Kids can get hookworm disease after running barefoot on grass, by the parasite, released from infected dogs poop.
dogs and kids together
dogs and kids together


Above-mentioned information directly points at the affectionate dog lovers to always remain vigilant in a dogs and kids relationship.

  • Never take this situation lightly.
  • You should never leave your infant unattended along with the pet.
  • Maintain good sanitary condition inside the house. I know it’s a lot of work, but hey! affection comes with a little price tag after all!!.
  • Regularly cleanse the carpet floor of your house.
  • Inject your family and your pet with frequent dosages of antibiotics.
  • Keep your dog clean.
  • Train the dog not to lick your face and also train him to pee and poop outside the house.
  • Tame the dog strictly, to avoid any aggressive mood swings and
  • Take care of every possible strict measure to protect the health of your family.


Doctors advice:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly after holding and playing with the dog.
  • Never let the dog lick your face or an open wound on the body.
  • Isolate the dog so as to avoid spreading their fecal matter (pee and Poop mostly), all over the house. As it is necessary to maintain hygiene and avoid foul smelling in the house.
  • Do not let dogs enter your bedroom.
  • Keep separate utensils for your loving pet dogs.
  • Keep your dog healthy and maintain the hygiene.
  • Affectionate dog owners are advised to consult a Doctor regularly.


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