Major mental Depression disorder| 35 FAQ:frequently asked questions.

sad-major authentic mental acupressure postpartum depression schizoaffective disorder borderline depression

Depression begins with disappointment. When disappointment festers in our soul, it leads to discouragement. Joyce Meyer


  1. What is depression?

  • It is a common mental illness that is characterized by feelings of-
  • Sadness,
  • Loss of interest in fun activities and mental fatigue.
  • It is a state of mind in which everything seems to fall apart in merciless life sucking abyss.
    sad-major authentic mental acupressure postpartum depression schizoaffective disorder borderline depression


It is accompanied by-
  • Lack of sleep and energy,
  • Increased fatigue,
  • Thoughts of suicide,
  • Loss of happiness hope and
  • Most of all lost interest in almost everything.


  1. What are the different types of Depressions?

  • Mental depression:

It can adversely affect eating habits, sleep, cause a migraine and may last for a year or more.

This type of mental depression can return again in your lifetime, if not cured to the last root.

  • Bipolar disorder:

Also called manic depression or anxiety illness. IT results in mood swings accompanied by cycles of intense high mood phase called mania, followed by very low depression.

Other types are:
sad-major authentic mental acupressure postpartum depression schizoaffective disorder borderline depression
Borderline depression- mental illness
  • Schizophrenia depression
  • Borderline illness
  • Postpartum depression
  • Schizoaffective disorder
  • Dysthymia and
  • Seasonal affective disorders


  1. What does it feel like in a depression:

  • One feels lifeless,
  • Want to start again “fresh”, but is not able to as s/he is stopped furiously by a barrier of own mental thoughts.
  • It is a severe mental illness, therefore; you may feel the loss of senses.
  • furthermore, you may lose the charm and your glowing skin,
  • most of all, you are likely to face major hair loss. 
  1. How many people in the world suffer from bipolar depression disorder?

Approximate 5.7 million adults in America, 8.7 million population in India, 12 million that of China and overall 51 million people worldwide suffer from this “better dead than living situation” this condition is solely responsible for maximum depression suicides worldwide.


  1. Facing major depressive illness, when should I consult a doctor?

Call the doctor right away if

  • You start hearing imaginary voices,
  • There are very intense mood swings,
  • Your  unhappiness and anxiety last for more than a week continuously,
  • When you feel that you are eating wrong medication with visible side effects,
  • There is increased intake of dope or drugs and you feel there is no way out!
  • If you are the victim or a family member or friend, just don’t wait for some other sign a symptom. Pick up the phone and book the earliest appointment with your doctor.


  1. Why does my depression haunt me so badly?

  • In this mental illness, your brain cells lose focus and will bring futile results.
  • Now you will be constantly reminded of this inefficiency embedded in your mind so therefore a major mental disturbance will haunt you everywhere you go.
  • you may skip your meals, which will result in painful ulcers and “pain is  a wonderful reminder of onset of depression”


  1. What is the best therapy for my depression?

Sir/mam, it will solely depend on the type of illness.

Many patients can be simply cured by the practice of home remedies such as Yoga, meditation, focus exercises etc but there are some of them which are very critical and will need a professional advice or otherwise result in the permanently disordered brain. Immediately Quit smoking, if you do.


  1. What does it feel like to be in a depression?

  • You will feel exactly opposite of euphoria:
  • Life will be miserable,
  • Your body will feel lifeless, energy will be lost,
  • Brain cells will continue to die with the hammer of intense negative thoughts.
  • The mind will lose hope, happiness and every effort to accomplish may become futile.


  1. I was happy and productive but now I feel depressed please help me!

  • Dear, healing is a process and not a magic, it takes time, My advice for you-first find out the core reason for your mental illness. Know its type, whether it can be treated via home remedies such as Yoga meditation or simple diet change or does it need a professional help?
  • You should start with the superfoods to Boost Your mental state. Furthermore, just go into my search bar and get the most relevant cure for your condition.


  1. How can I get rid of very mild mental depression or anxiety?

Dear first of all there is no such thing as mild depression. Any such ailment, its roots are embedded deep inside. But if you insist, I will tell you home remedies which you can follow to easily cure your mental Depression:-

  • Diet change (eat healthy superfoods)
  • Get 6 hours of sleep continuously,
  • Exercise regularly (because the more you sweat, the More you shine),
  • Leave alcohol drugs or any other dope. Remember you have to remove it from the roots.
  • Get more social, talk discuss and laugh even more,
  • Spend ample time with loved ones,
  • Talk more with people who motivate you and seriously avoid others. Remember you have to protect your thoughts.
  • Also, you can take Omega- 3 supplements to elevate your health and mood,
  • Do yoga, practice meditation, adopt a healthy lifestyle, relax your mind and focus on more important things and much more.

Most remedies are self-experienced, tried and tested. and I will list more by the time to come.

Also, see foods that make you look younger than your age.


  1. Can I cure my depression without any medication?

  • Yes, you can cure the mental illness by simple home remedies such as
  • Eating healthy foods (diet change),
  • yoga and meditation, adopt a healthy lifestyle. These steps look simple and easy but they need a disciplined approach to bring results. Furthermore, there are few cases in which you will require professional help.


  1. Does my acid reflex contribute to the fatal depression disorder?

Yes, very true. Acid Reflux will affect your intestine adversely.  In an active state, it will create a mental stress thus, hindering your neuron activity and enhancing the already worse major mental illness.


  1. How can I help my friend with depression?

Ask him to

  • Get social.
  • Leave the hell habit of self-talking and self-advise, for a while.
  • Tell him to read motivational stories, watch inspiring videos,
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle,
  • Meditate and calm his mind.
  • Relax his neurons, go for a diet change.
  • Eat the important superfoods and practice yoga regularly this will help him to concentrate and focus his energy to bring out positive results.
  • Quit smoking, is s/he does.


  1. Can children get major mental depression?

    sad-major authentic mental acupressure postpartum depression schizoaffective disorder borderline depression
    children are very vulnerable to depression
  • Yes, children are very vulnerable and very likely to suffer from major anxiety disorder which will ultimately lead to severe depression.
  • Approximately 2.5 million children in the US alone and 10 to 20% of children worldwide suffer from major mental depression.
  1. I never get a deep sleep, can it contribute to increasing my mental depression?

  • Yes, very much! Sleep is a major factor and natures cure to every ailment.
  • Sleep time is the body recovery time as sleep repairs any wear and tear in our body. Depression destroys our brain cells and many others body tissues. Deep sleep can undo the damage.
  • Furthermore, lack of sleep will fail to revive your body and hence intensify your anxiety and depression. So it is strictly advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Also, see foods that make you look younger than your age.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.

Jim Rohn


16.  What is what is the real cause of my loneliness and depression?

Lack of friends can suck someone into solitude. Sharing the language of affection could ease the pain.

This may be one of the reasons for your elevated mental depression.

Also, you have to share your sad emotions with someone so that heavy burden leaks out of your brain and relieve you of all the stress.

Find a friend or someone in the family who would listen and share your distress. Don’t be shy, share your feelings and you will feel lighter.


17. What are the natural remedies to overcome major mental depression?

Natural cure is so simple, easy and cheap. This system of treatment should be used. by Mahatma Gandhi

Nature is the best healer. Depression will rob you of all the pleasures and joys of life.

Get attached to nature, feel it, drown yourself in the beauty and science of nature.

Understand it, feel the fresh air, the particles of air going inside your lungs and giving oxygen to your blood.

Give this a thought: the trees are living beings but static at one place throughout life and they never complain!.

The sun is alone, but every day it is shining so brightly and it makes life possible on earth. Calm yourself by such soothing thoughts and

also, you can do deep breathing, Yoga, meditation and

follow a good diet (rich in superfoods) to get rid of your depression.


18. Will the grades of our child suffer from our depression

Yes, definitely it will.

The brain of a child is in the developing stage. The atmosphere and mood in the house will directly affect the growth of the child.

When parents fight, the soft feelings of children are deeply hurt and so are the neurons in their brain. Then the ruptured neurons give rise to the ruptured feelings in the child and fill their body with hatred. Children receive the negative vibes spread in the house and grow with the feelings they have suffered.

In such intense condition the brain of the child gives up easily and s/he has to undergo a severe mental trauma followed by a major mental depression disorder.


19. Why does my depression keep coming back even after my treatment is over?

Your depression will be over soon, don’t you worry!

Loss of happiness and hope is what you feel in depression. Your powerful brain gets weak and you are constantly reminded of your illness.

You may take the help of a professional or expert but remember it, ultimately your own willpower will bring you out of this situation

So my advice is to work on your willpower, for that-

  • Follow the brain gym exercises,
  • Try to increase your focus because of focus –“the sharper it is, the shaper you are!”
  • Quit smoking because smoking will make your brain weak,
  • Avoid alcohol,
  • Get enough sleep,
  • Eat a healthy diet with rich superfoods,
  • Do yoga, meditate and the list continuous.


20. Why do I have short phases of intense depression please help me out?

This type of depression is called situational depression. It can occur in your life as a result of various stressful changes in normal life such as:-

  • Divorce,
  • After retirement,
  • Loss of a job
  • Death of someone very close

i.e any situation that brings a drastic and sudden change in your life and emotions. Doctors even refer to it as an adjustment disorder.

So in this situation, you have to:-

  • Hold your ground,
  • Never let go, and
  • Face the adjustment phase by developing a strong mental attitude.


21. Please tell me various acupressure and massage techniques to overcome my deep depression disorder, if any?

Yes, there are techniques which mostly require professional help are:-

  • Acupressure for Postpartum depression
  • Acupuncture for depression anxiety
  • Cognitive behavior therapy etc.

Acupuncture points for relieving depression are located in the

  • feet
  • hands
  • raised shoulder joint
  • lower back (just above the hip).

    sad-major authentic mental acupressure postpartum depression schizoaffective disorder borderline depression
    borderline depression


22. What are antidepressants?

They are medications which can undo the effect of:-

  • Depression social anxiety disorder,
  • Seasonal affective disorder or adjustment disorder,
  • Chronic depression,
  • Acute schizophrenia depression,
  • OCPD (Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder),
  • Schizoid disorder,
  • Borderline depression and various other mental illness.

Imp-Antidepressants may result in serious side effects in case of Overdose.


23. What are different types of antidepressants?

They are of three types:-

  • SSRIs – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
  • SNRIs – serotonin & Nor-epinephrine reuptake inhibitors
  • Atypical antidepressants.


24. How do antidepressants work?

Depression is termed as a chemical imbalance or serotonin deficiency.

Antidepressants positively affect certain brain circuits and Chemicals that pass along signals from one cell to another.

Antidepressants contain reuptake inhibitors

So what is Reuptake– it is a process in which neurotransmitters are naturally absorbed back into the nerve cell in the brain after they are released to send messages between the Nerve cells.

A reuptake inhibitor prevents this from happening. Instead of getting reabsorbed, the neurotransmitter stays in the synapse, thus enhancing the brain transmitting activity.


25. Are the antidepressants safe, can I use them regularly?

They are safe if consumed as strictly prescribed by the doctor.

Most people when in depression stage take up an overdose of antidepressant pills. Which may be followed by serious Side Effects such as:-

  • Fatigue
  • dry mouth
  • Increased anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • irritation
  • dizziness and sometimes impaired vision.


26. Can loneliness and depression cause death? |a just question.

Yes, loneliness and depression are very powerful and can easily become the cause of death. In a way, loneliness is powerful enough to:

  • Elevate your senses,
  • Rebuild your lost hope,
  • Intensify  your agility,
  • Take you to a higher mental level,
  • Achieve tranquility by practices of yoga and
  • ultimately become a better human being.

But to tread this path is not an easy task. Normally a person can’t live alone for more than a week. And if s/he does, loneliness will gradually engulf. It may result in a major mental depression illness after which:-

  • mental support decreases,
  • burden increases,
  • daily routine chores will turn into an obsession and
  • this situation will provide a very soothing reason to die.
Therefore, we can state that loneliness and depression can surely be the cause of death


27. Can depression cause weight loss? | confusing?

Yes, it can. Depression may come as a result of some severe shock of life and death or relationship breakup. This condition is followed by an immediate decrease in appetite.

You may:

  • skip meals,
  • forget to eat,
  • punish Yourself by not eating,
  • be without food because of your guilt,
  • develop a very low self-esteem.

This will result in very less acid consumption in the stomach and further, there will be more episodes of Acid Reflux. Ultimately it will result in shedding extra Calories and very very very unhealthy weight loss.


28. Can depression cause diabetes? |psychological obsession.

Yes, it can result in serious blood sugar levels.

Depression can lead to a very poor and unhealthy Lifestyle such as:

  • less exercise,
  • unhealthy eating habits,
  • drinking too much alcohol and sugary soft drinks,
  • intense smoking and
  • weight gain due to stress eating.
  • All these factors add up to intensify diabetes.


29. Can depression illness result into severe to mild chest pain? |confusion raising worries.

Yes, it can. There is no one answer to it.

The answer is both yes and no.

No, because the chest pain is a result of heart disease and depression is due to improper functioning of neurons in the brain.

Yes, because depression and anxiety result in:

  • obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),
  • stress eating,
  • increased alcohol intake and sugary drinks,
  • a lot of smoking,

All the adds up to raise cholesterol level and increase chances of blockage. This ultimately intensifies heart condition and results in mild to severe chest pain.


30. Can depression cause a heart attack? |the lies depression tell.

Yes, as I have explained that mental depression obsession illness is due to improper functioning of neurons in the brain. It can cause :

  • anxiety and result in increasing the OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).
  • Increased stress in the brain, as well as arteries, may cause:
  • stress eating, (so eat superfoods diet)
  • increase in alcohol intake and smoking.

This combined increases cholesterol levels and so it can interrupt in the functioning of heart this may result in severe heart attack.


31. Can depression turn into Insanity? | I was stupid enough to experience it myself!

Yes, sure it can. eg. the reason for my insanity was loneliness. maybe the advice is useful to all of you. My loneliness turned into confusion and further resulted in overloading of thoughts in my mind.

It became impossible to achieve anything.

  • I failed in academics,
  • failed in a relationship and
  • ultimately felt that I failed in life.

I was full of guilt and started to dope my body and gradually slipped into Insanity.

Avoid all thing I did, and the harm to you will be prevented.


32. Can depression Trigger anxiety? | obsessed with healing.

Anxiety is a very general term for several disorders that cause :

  • Nervousness,
  • extreme fear or worry.

Depression is a mood disorder resulting in loss of interest in almost everything.

Anxiety and depression have chicken and egg issue.

Some people suffer from depression and develop anxiety whereas others suffer anxiety and develop depression.

The link is so strong that same medication is prescribed for both disorders.

Therefore, in a case, we can say that yes depression can surely trigger anxiety.


33. Can a mental depression trigger my hair loss? obsessed with healing.

Yes, definitely hair loss can occur by a number of different factors such as:

  • Stress, hormonal imbalance, genes, and age.
  • Moreover, hair loss may occur due to:
  • unhealthy Lifestyle, diet, alcohol intake, smoking, sleep etc.

You can see the superfood diet here.

Furthermore, depression and hair loss are interlinked. Depression can affect

  • quality of hair
  • cause dryness and
  • the hair can also become brittle break easily.

most of all lower mood and low self-esteem can decrease hair growth.

Antidepressant medicines such as Prozac adversely affect hair growth.


34. Can my depression force me to commit rape? |serious criminal OCD.

Yes, it may.

Depression can cause disgusting obsessive emotions. It can affect our mental reasoning ability and we may lose our human senses.

Sometimes your fight with this mental illness could become very intense and you may be forced to take any extreme step to step satisfy your emotional urges (one can be rape)

OCD is a tough disease to fight with and will need psychotherapy sessions professional to overcome.


35. Does my mental depression disorder have the ability to intensify my OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)? disgusting feeling, scared of OCD.

I myself was suffering from OCD and was unaware when it will leave me. Now I know how to tackle it and put into die-hard work.

Anyways mental depression disorder is a mood disorder resulting in loss of interest in almost everything.

Psychological states of mental depression bring extremely low moods and lower self-esteem.

The medication can have side effects and result in intensive depression and anxiety. Even more, the extremes can Trigger the OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

  • You will over think almost everything,
  • Will be in a continuous irritable and Confused state,
  • you will cry more often and exhibit serious suicidal tendencies.

this way mental depression disorder is very potent to intensify your OCD. It may also occur in gifted kids and adults and most of all, it will need professional psychologists to help.

sad-major authentic mental acupressure postpartum depression schizoaffective disorder borderline depression
borderline depression









courtsey: motivational madness.



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