Missing your meal at work can cause Stomach Cancer-expert’s advice.


Stomach cancer occurs due to the formation of carcinogenic cells in the stomach lining. It is not easily known in the early stages and when diagnosed, the maximum harm is already done. Stomach cancer can be cured only by very painful procedures such as:

  • Radiation therapy,
  • Chemotherapy,
  • Immunotherapy and
  • Surgery.

Moreover, stomach cancer is caused by abnormal growth of cancer cells, resulting in a tumor. Formation of a stomach cancer is a slow process and may develop over the years.

Eating regular meals is the mantra behind a healthy stomach, which is not only important for a healthy growth but also useful for maintaining a good gastric health. Many people skip meals due to their busy schedule or wrongly believe that skipping meals will benefit their weight loss plan. This results in the inhibition of stomach cancer.

Thus, it is evident from the points listed below that skipping meals will surely lead to stomach cancer and related severe health problems:

  1. Stomach pain:

It is associated with nausea and cramping. Stomach releases very strong acid, every day at regular intervals of eating food. If you skip a meal then the empty stomach filled with acid will create a feeling of nausea.

Large or heavy fatty meals eaten after the stomach had been empty for 5 to 6 hours can create a feeling of bloating and excess of gas accompanied with stomach pain.

Therefore it is advisable :

  • To eat small regular meals at same time each day,
  • Avoid heavy fatty meals, greasy and spicy meals to minimize the chances of acid reflux.
  • Eat more roughage in order to flush out the toxins from the digestive tract.

Note: if these changes in diet do not give relief in the stomach pain then immediately consult a nearby doctor.

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abdomen-stomach acid- esophagus cancer-

     2. Peptic ulcer:

The stomach ulcer is caused by bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. It is an inflammation of the stomach caused by the effect of empty stomach acid. Thus, the inflammation in the stomach weakens its walls. Imagine there is a wall and it’s just getting eroded and weak, that’s what an ulcer is.

The above-named bacterium is a serious cause of stomach cancer.

Stomach cancer stands third in the list of deadly cancer, resulting in numerous deaths worldwide every year.

Sedentary Lifestyle adopted by many all around has been a major cause of stomach cancer.

disability-abdomen-yogurt-skip-daily-meal-cause-cancer-serious-cancer-symptoms-deadly-cancer cure-conditions-dies-breakfast-lunch-dinner-stomach acid- esophagus cancer-
disability–skip-daily-meal-cause-cancer– esophagus cancer-

Moreover, people skip breakfast because they are late for office and have to leave the kids at school. They skip the lunch because they are busy attending an important meeting with the boss and what not, the reasons never end!. Furthermore, by doing this you may benefit someone else but you are creating unhealthy conditions for your own body.

   3. Irritable bowel syndrome:

It refers to chronic symptoms due to gastric distress, including constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain and gas. Skipping meals results in less fiber and roughage in our stomach to fill the intestine. Therefore, the body is not able to expel the waste properly and this leads to constipation and swollen intestines.

Eating small regular meals at the same time each day is the key dietary habits to support digestive health.

Moreover, doctors say that irritable bowel syndrome can be avoided by changing your eating habits such as:

  • Avoiding large fatty meals,
  • Eating more fiber,
  • Drinking more water,

Note: Skipping meals can aggravate stress at difficult times.

man-disability-abdomen-yogurt-skip-daily-meal-cause-cancer-serious-cancer-symptoms-deadly-cancer cure-conditions-dies-breakfast-lunch-dinner-stomach acid- esophagus cancer-
 esophagus cancer-

Stomach cancer is common among:

  • Older people, those are above 50 years of age.
  • Chain smokers,
  • Men with excess alcohol drinking habit,
  • People with family history of stomach cancer.

Most of all, your eating habits and daily physical habits play an important role in causing this disease. You are more likely to develop stomach cancer if you:

  • Eat too much meat ( animal proteins),
  • Consume a lot of salty and processed food,
  • Do not exercise or have minimal physical activity(i.e. a sedentary lifestyle) and
  • Already have a history of alcohol abuse.

Symptoms of stomach cancer:

  • Frequent heartburn,
  • Sudden weight loss,
  • Moreover, severe stomach ache,
  • Bloody stools.
  • Frequent nausea and vomit,
  • Furthermore, serious Jaundice.
  • Severe constipation and gastric distress.
  • Severe stomach pain after every meal.
STOP-CANCER-EARLY-HOW TO PREVENT CANCER NATURALLY FOODS FOUNDATION TIPS DIET OBESITY CANCRE PREVENTION FIGHT STRESS HEART ATTACK LUNG CANCER SUPERFOODS PROSTRATE KIDNEY STOMACH LARYNX SKIN CERVICAL man-disability-abdomen-yogurt-skip-daily-meal-cause-cancer-serious-cancer-symptoms-deadly-cancer cure-conditions-dies-breakfast-lunch-dinner-stomach acid- esophagus cancer-

Furthermore, stomach cancer is a very deadly disease. If left untreated fully, it may spread to:

  • Lungs,
  • Liver,
  • Bones and
  • Moreover, damage nearby organs.

Most of all,  leaving the problem aside, you should just focus on preventing the disease.

It can be reduced:

  • By maintaining a healthy weight,
  • Avoiding heavy fatty meals, greasy and spicy meals,
  • Eating a balanced diet i.e. a nutritious low-fat diet.
  • Avoiding meat as our body is not equipped to digest animal protein,
  • Furthermore, quitting the habit of smoking,
  • Exercising regularly and maintaining a low in fat, fit body.
  • Most of all, eating low-fat super foods to enhance overall immunity


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