Why does sex hurt? How can we solve painful sex – a case study

naked why does sex hurt

An orgasm a day keeps the worries away.  Having good sex releases happy hormones such as, Oxytocin, which helps feel connected to the partner and keeps us vibrant, energetic and happy. If, it is so beautiful to have sex then how intercourse can be painful sometimes? Having painful sex can damage related vital organs which may result in long-term problems

Why can sex be painful?

  1. Dry Vagina.

Sometimes sex can be painful simply because the inside of the vagina is dry. There is a deficiency of lubricants and the friction caused while moving “to and fro”, results in the irritation and pain.

The situation mainly comes when your partner is very desperate to have sex, and just inserts inside without having a nice session of foreplay.

Doctor’s advice:

  1. To have 8 to 10 minutes of foreplay before having intercourse. Good foreplay releases lubricants from within the body, for smooth and safe sex.
  2. Apply lubricant well before having sex.


  1. Extra stress and tension:

For some couples, it is a tight squeeze. In few cases, the organ size can be an issue i.e. your partner’s quite large penis and yours extra petite.

This time the lubricant can be useful but when the penis is hitting the cervix or causing a painful stretch, it can damage important organs.

It is advisable:

  • To change into a comfortable sex position.
  • The male should go slower and be more gentle.
  • The woman should get on top as it will give you more control over the speed and depth of penetration.(check out these sex positions)

    naked why does sex hurt
    naked why does sex hurt
  1. Genital infections:

A number of infections, most commonly-

  • Genital herpes,
  • Yeast infections and
  • Trichomoniasis can result in a painful sex.

Most of the times women are unaware of the infections and perform sex anyways. These infections might cause swelling or wounds inside the vagina, which can contribute to intense pain.

  1. Endometriosis:

A condition that arises when the tissue lining the uterus starts growing abnormally, this can cause intolerable pain.

Cure:- this condition may require laparoscopic surgery but, to identify the source of pain is a major concern here.

It results:

  • In very painful monthly periods and
  • Intolerable pain during sex.

If the disease runs in any of your blood relations then you are most likely to have it. Therefore, you should consult a Doctor immediately.


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  1. Irritable bowel syndrome and constipation:

The reason for the pain here is the intestinal cramping during sex.

For treating constipation, you can go for a change in your diet as advised by the doctors and eat more fibrous foods and fruits. Fibers help to fill the intestines properly and results in flushing out all the harmful toxins out of the body. Empty stomach help resolve intestinal cramping issue. (check out here superfoods to cure constipation)

Durex play
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Doctor’s advice:

  • To have safe sex, you must always have 8 to 10 minutes session of foreplay before intercourse.
  • You must apply lubricant as much required,
  • Do not have wild sex, which may result in an uncomfortable condition.
  • Be gentle to one another during sex,
  • Be energetic and always have a healthy flushed out body before sex.

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