How to spot a Sexual Predator- the 7 characteristics

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Preventing Sexual Abuse

The major film industries worldwide, including Hollywood, are most likely to be involved with harassment cases linked to a sexual predator. The Hi-Tech offices, the luxury resorts and hotels, the celebrity mansions, the schools, the colleges and many other institutions are more frequently reported with cases of sexual harassment and molestation. The Sexual harassment is evident to be a characteristic of rich brats but now seems to have penetrated every class deeply in a very diverse manner.

Nowadays, it is commonly accompanied by luxury and comfort. The live-in lifestyle accepted by both genders has led to an increase in such cases. The concern for you is how to escape sexual harassment, how to spot the early signs of sexual harassment or molestation.

fear-sexual predators-child molestation-behavior-sex abuse- scandal-oregon-hotline-catholic church-stats-offender-trafficking-molestation-creepy behavior-sex abuse
fear-sexual predators-child molestation-behavior-sex abuse-

How to spot a Sexual Predator?

A sexual Predator can build a lot of control and power over you says therapist Nicole who has 12 years of expertise to deal with the cases of sexual abuse. You cannot recognize a predator from his Outlook. They are interestingly mixed up with the common crowd and can be well recognized via their characteristics and behavior patterns.

Furthermore, many women counseled for undergoing a sexual trauma had been emotionally scarred, had lost the sense of identity and had to live with the harassment every day, all their life. It is a cycle of abuse and it quickly becomes a burden in the despair, a situation impossible to escape.

There have been many reported cases of sexual abuse, where the victims were not believed or no action was taken in their regard, which reportedly caused them further distress. In few cases, the victims had already come from abusive families. Thus they had very low self-esteem and believed that they deserve to be treated badly throughout their life.

child-fear-sexual predators-child molestation-behavior-sex abuse- scandal-Oregon-hotline-catholic church-stats-offender-trafficking-molestation-creepy behavior-sex abuse
child-fear-sexual predators-child molestation

However, sexual Predator flourishes in a very discreet manner on these traits and is unable to be spotted with his Outlook. The only way to recognize him is through his characteristic and behavior pattern. Also, his mask should be uncovered to help save the ones who may be falling victims to sexual molestation.

  1. He is very caring at the early stages:

In the initial stages of a relationship, the Predator will be very attentive. Numerous calls and text messages which seem quite attractive and innocent. He will try to grab your utmost attention and control you in an uncontrolled manner( you will get it if you are going through this).

Moreover, he will make you feel addicted to his care and gain control over your emotions. The victim will feel a great sense of love and care but actually, it’s the victory of the Predator.

  1. He will try to manipulate things.

The Predator will make you feel worthless day by day. The more he hurts you, the more you will fall for him, that’s his superpower. He will mock the victim on her clothing, friends, habits etc. in order to meet his own expectations. After all, he had been so good to her. In the end, after being so emotionally exhausted and stressed, she will just accept her fault and apologize immediately. Another easy victory for the Predator.

  1. He will make you feel normal when it’s time to worry:

The predator will now be in full control and the victim will be confused and devoted to serving him. Now the initial honeymoon period is over and the acts of sexual abuse have begun. The victim is expected to have normalized behavior and believes that this is actually what she deserves.

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stop-child-fear-sexual predators-child molestation
  1. He plays the victim:

There will be a real sense of splendid behavior associated with this kind of man. He will boast and you will believe everything he says. He will never take any responsibility and always blame you for any demerit. In return, he will always play Victim.

Most of all, the Predator is well experienced in manipulating his every move and then bring the victim into his firm grasp and control every time. The girls who had faced child abuse in the past are more vulnerable to these predators.

  1. He will dominate her every move:

A sexual Predator will never consider her thoughts and feelings in any regard. The only thing that matters to him, is the fulfillment of his own sexual desires. He will learn all the loopholes by the course of time and will use all the odds against her, at later stages.

Furthermore, he will isolate her insecurities and later use them to control and blackmail her. Hurting will start as a foreplay and he will intensify the pain with time.

  1. He will push sexual boundaries beyond limits:

You will just be a sex doll for him and he will never feel the pain even if you are physically hurt during lovemaking. He will try to force himself in and perform every wild act to satisfy his own sexual desires. Will always be desperate to abuse her sexually and will persuade her in any way possible.

  1. He will empower her totally:

The Predator may manipulate the victim to perform a sexual act with the third person while he watches. In love or in misunderstanding, the victim may approve his request and do what he says. This may later be used by the Predator to blackmail the victim.

In the end, this will lead the victim to feel totally humiliated, stressed and trapped in a relationship. The Predator isolates her from any outer contacts and at the time of distress she has nowhere to go, no one to talk to. The victim is left with only one choice i.e. surrender to the predator’s misery.

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face-stop-child-fear-sexual predators-child molestation-e

What should I do now?

If you feel that you had been in a relationship with a sexual Predator do not be afraid to speak. Keep in touch with your best contacts when in need of help. Seek support from expert organizations such as women’s aid, refuge, rape crisis centers who will keep all the information confidential and maintain your dignity.

Most of all, always have a safety plan to fight this terror. Spot him in the early stages and try to enter into a legal relationship with the Person. As evident, he will refuse to enter into the relationship and you can prevent sexual disaster in your life.

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