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As Thoughts are the food for the Brain and they direct our actions and the Life we live,

Similarly, the Food we eat Determines the Quality of our life and Best ones are called the superfoods.

So here I have listed the Top 22 Superfoods to make your life perfect in every sense. Go ahead and find out how will you access your Super Power.

Furthermore, these superfoods can help you:

  • Fight Disease,
  • Feel more energetic and
  • most of all, even loose Weight.

The Top 22 SuperFoods are:

  1. Eggs

  • Eggs are a very good source of inexpensive, high-quality protein,
  • Eggwhite is the portion where most of the Healthy Protein is stored,
  • The Whites also contains vitamin B2, lower amounts of fat and cholesterol than the yolk,
  • And thus are rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron, and copper.


  2. Walnuts


Walnut has:

  • Cancer-fighting properties,
  • In addition , t has Anti inflammatory properties and can prevent blood clots,
  • Furthermore, Contains Healthy Anti-Oxidants,
  • Control Diabetes and
  • Most of all, Maintains Healthy sex Life.


3. Oats

  • Oats are rich in carbs and fiber and,
  • high in protein and fat than most other grains,
  • Also, they are very high in many vitamins and minerals,
  • Oats contain many powerful antioxidants thus
  • Most of all help to maintain Blood Pressure.


 4. Salmon (Omega 3 Fatty Acid)

  • Help reduce anxiety,
  • Helps in curing Arthritis,
  • furthermore, Improves vitality,
  • most of all, Increases the Cardiovascular Health,
  • Also, it is a good source of vitamin D and furthermore can prevent cell damage.


   5. Tomato Sauce

  • Tomato sauce consumption is good for healthy skin,
  • It also Increases Sperm count,
  • It Keeps skin Healthy,
  • Furthermore Reduces Cholesterol and
  • Finally, Is good for eyesight.


6. Dried Plums (prunes)

  • High in Vitamins,
  • Helps in digestion,
  • Improves Vision,
  • Most of all, Keeps Heart Healthy,
  • Also Promotes hair health and
  • Furthermore Is great for skin.

 7. Brussels Sprouts

  • Helps in fighting Cancer,
  • Improves Bone Health,
  • Manages Diabetes,
  • Keeps healthy Vision and
  • Furthermore, result in the Reduction of Aging Process.


8.  Apples 

  • Keeps Teeth Healthy,
  • Cures All types of cancers,
  • Also reduces Cholesterol,
  • Keeps heart healthy,
  • Furthermore, prevents stones and
  • Most of all, keep skin look younger.


     9. Beetroot

  • Maintains Blood Pressure,
  • Increases Muscle stamina,
  • Furthermore, Prevents cancer,
  • Maintains a Healthy weight and
  • Most of all Boosts energy levels.


     10. Olives

  • Eliminate excess cholesterol so keeps Heart healthy,
  • Also controls the Blood pressure,
  • Moreover, it is Rich in anti-oxidants so helps in cell growth,
  • Provides protection against Anemia and
  • Most of all, Increases Fertility.

11. Brown Rice


 12. Chocolate

  • Maintains Cholesterol so prevent risk of heart disease,
  • Maintains Blood Pressure,
  • Keeps Skin Healthy,
  • A good source of antioxidants thus maintains cell health and
  • Most of all It also improves the Brain function.

13. Oysters

  • They are good for Eyes,
  • Enhances Immune Health,
  • Helps in Mood Boosting,
  • Moreover Good for brain and
  • Furthermore Maintains a Healthy Heart.


14. Spinach

  • Having Anti Cancer properties,
  • Good For Weight Loss,
  • Promotes Eye health,
  • Hence Good for Bones and
  • Most of all Relax the Body.

 15. Avocados

  • Having Anti-Oxidants so good for eyes,
  • They Help prevent Cancer,
  • Help Loose weight,
  • Moreover protects Liver from disease and
  • Hence Provider natural Dental Care.

 16. BlackBerries 


17. Garlic


18. Pomegranate

  • It improves heart health,
  • Prevents Diabetes,
  • Maintains Blood Pressure,
  • Lowers the risk of Cancer and
  • Most of all Prevent Anemia(Reduction in RBC’s).

19. Kiwi Fruit

  • Helps in Digestion,
  • Keeps the skin Beautiful,
  • High in Fiber so lowers the risk of heart disease,
  • Boosts immunity and lastly
  • Also Prevents our DNA from damage.

20. Strawberries

  • Boosts Immunity,
  • Keeps Eye Healthy,
  • Fight against Cancer,
  • Keeps heart healthy and
  • Most of all Reduce inflammation in the body.


 21. Asparagus

  • Helps in Weight Loss,
  • Keeps a healthy Urinary Tract,
  • Enhances Brain health,
  • Fights Depression and
  • Furthermore Helps controlling Diabetes


 22. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter_Healthistaan
Peanut Butter_Healthistaan
  • Probably Lowers Colon Cancer,
  • Keeps a Healthy Heart,
  • Further, Prevent Gall-Stones,
  • Lowers Type-2 Diabetes and
  • Most of all Regulates Cholesterol Levels in the Body.



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